What Are Single Dental Implants In Melbourne?

Single dental implants are striving to fix the lack of self confidence and low self-esteem that can be caused by a missing tooth or even several missing teeth within the mouth. A loss of tooth, or indeed more than one tooth, can cause extreme discomfort (or even pain) when eating, and completing other daily dental tasks (such as oral hygiene). Having an aesthetically displeasing smile may knock your confidence, but may also hinder your career prospects and the way you view yourself, and how others perceive you. A dental implant is a perfect option for individuals who wish to replace their teeth quickly, with minimal discomfort, and has an easy aftercare and maintenance dental routine. Dental implants are tiny titanium screws that are inserted in the skull, in the place of the loss of tooth.

How do dental implants in Melbourne work?

Dental implants are simple; a screw is surgically inserted by your dental health care professional and maximum stability is ensured as the bone is fused with the metal (which in turn, can prevent a wide range of issues, such as an ageing appearance). The porcelain crown (tooth looking part of the implant ) may be placed directly on the implant, however depending on the dental severity of your case, this may be adhered later on. The porcelain crown is assured to match the shade and shape of your natural teeth perfectly so it cannot be recognised as a false tooth within the mouth, and blends into your surrounding natural teeth.

How long do dental implants in Melbourne last?

Although other forms of implants (such as bridgework) may last as little as ten years, dental implants are a much more permanent and long term dental alternative. Dental implants are designed to be cared for after treatment in the same way as natural teeth. Eating, and cleaning your teeth, can be undergone in the same way as with natural teeth, and if the correct after care is ensured, then dental implants can last a lifetime. Regular appointments with your local dental health care professional (twice a year) should be pursued, in order to assess your dental implant progress.

What if I have lost multiple teeth within the mouth?

If you have lost several teeth within the mouth, your discomfort whilst eating and cleaning your teeth may be even more severe than if you have lost just one tooth. Having a denture is just one solution, however this is not a long term fix, and can be uncomfortable, as they have to be removed and can be a lot less stable than dental implants. Dental implants can essentially work in the same way for both multiple, and single, tooth loss within the mouth.

Dental implants can be used to support both bridges, and ‘All-on-four dental implants’ within the mouth.

Is there a healing period?

As with any other dental or orthodontic procedure, there is a healing time, this may be around six months, however once the tooth or several teeth have healed, they will be fully integrated within the mouth, and both feel and appear like natural teeth.