How Refreshing To Know That There Are Community Based Dental Practices Who Have Been Providing Excellent Dental Care To Their Patients For Many Years!

Dentists in the greater Richmond area not only create beautiful smiles but they really do make people feel good about themselves. They know that patients are as individual as their teeth and they look to forge close working relationships with patients to better understand their needs.

Why do I need implants?

For missing, damaged or broken teeth dental implants have become the clinically proven and go to solution. It is no fun having missing, damaged or broken teeth as they can drastically affect your confidence and sense of well-being both socially and in the business community. Dentists see many patients with the need to replace teeth because creating and restoring a beautiful smiles is what they do day in and day out. Sheen dental implants in Richmond can easily restore your smile whilst ensuring that the function of your mouth is as natural as can be. Your highly trained dentists will plant the small titanium screw into your jaw which will become embedded and fused within your gum creating a solid and permanent anchor for bridges and crowns. Unfortunately with missing teeth the surrounding tissue shrinks causing a hollow and gaunt look to the face which can really be quite ageing. The implants help this process as the bone that is remaining is stimulated to grow around the new implant therefore reversing that ageing look to the delight of many patients.

Why bother?

It has never been easier to get that great, full and youthful looking smile back that you had as a child, and the one you have been dreaming of ever since. Why don’t you do yourself a favour and visit your local dental practice? Whether you go during your lunchtime or your work break, the advantages gained when you take the first steps to replacing your missing teeth cannot be overrated. Whether it is being able to chew food properly again or smiling with full confidence in photo shoots!

Do implants hurt?

Quite simply, no they do not. Being fitted under local anaesthetic so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable for the entire time of the procedure, any dentist’s priorities are to make you feel as calm and happy as possible during the whole process. For any nervous patients, they can implement many calming options, so put aside any anxieties or concerns you have about replacing your teeth. Fixing your smile should be an experience that you are excited about, and one that you can enjoy to the maximum. Dental practitioners can give you intravenous or inhalation sedation to truly calm any nerves, whilst still ensuring you are awake and aware during the entire experience. In a world where first impressions are everything, it has never been more important than it is today to get the smile that you know you deserve. Give your dentist a call and start to fix your smile today! They can’t wait to help you.